Resolutions and preventions on litigations and disputes

Litigation is an action brought in court which enforces a particular right. Litigation involves a series of steps that may lead to a court trial and ultimately a resolution of the matter. A trial by the court provides a more formal, complex process and an enforceable judgement.
The traditional litigations can be classified to three fields, to wit, civil, criminal and administrative. C&A’s litigation and dispute resolution practice has lawyers who are experienced in the full spectrum of litigation, dispute resolution and regulatory issues that our clients face.
By the rich experience of our lawyers in litigations, we own the capability of rapidly and accurately understanding on various complex issue and providing precise and effective litigation or defending strategies. We put the communication between clients and clients’ interest in the first priority, and provide expert advice at every step of the process, including litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution. For instance:
  • Sending lawyer’s letters

  • Sending legal attest letters

  • Draft pleadings

  • Solving various disputes such as real estate disputes