Labor Law

The labor movement in Taiwan didn’t start until the 1980s. During the 1997 Asian financial crisis, labor disputes and unemployment issues were brought to the attention of the R.O.C. government, along with the employees began recognizing the importance of autonomous unions. In 2001, the Labor Standards Law, Union Law and Labor Dispute Mediation Law is being amended and went into effect.

As the attention on facilitating and safeguarding labor interest raised higher and higher in recent years, we dedicate on maintaining and protecting the harmonious between employers and employees.
We negotiate on labor disputes, analysis on the labor condition of various companies and prevent disputes afterwards, give advices on corporate autonomy affairs or investigations and management cases of competent authority. We believe staunchly that proposals which give consideration simultaneously to affections, reasons and law are the best resolution for the delicate relationship between employers and employees. We provide various service regarding labor issues, including:
  • Analysis on and framing various regulations on labor condition

  • Mediate, reconcile or negotiate with labor disputes

  • Advice upon the occupational safety and health, gender equality, insurance, pension, welfare, lay off in employment

  • Cases of investigation or management by competent authority