Financial / Capital Markets

The financial markets are where businesses raise cash to grow, as well as where investors make money and companies reduce risks. These include capital markets, stock markets, bond markets, commodities market, derivatives and so forth. Financial markets constitute an open and regulated system for companies and investors to acquire great amounts of capital.
In recent decades, regulators are demanding greater transparency in financial markets, making raising and managing capital a major challenge both for public and private companies all over the world. Clients choose us for the ability of ours to navigate in every complexity in the financial and capital markets and to provide accurate advice on every type of transaction.
Our service bases on the practiced experience from capital market, regulatory and dispute lawyers. We offer fully integrated service, the practice areas of ours include but not limited to:
  • All forms of capital-raising

  • Cross-border financing

  • Mergers and acquisitions

  • Antitrust and competition

  • Regulatory matters

  • Trusts