Corporate governance / management

In recent decades, more and more emphasis placed on the governance and management of an enterprise. Our team provides full range of corporate governance issues including the establishment of corporate, drafting agreements, negotiations, analysis on the strategy of corporate management power, participate in shareholders meeting and so forth.
We believe that good corporate governance is not just a legal or regulatory necessity, but the foundation for keeping a sustainable long-term business. Companies of public or private are both facing the increasingly regulated and complex environment, causing the need for effective and proactive relationships with corporate’s stakeholders, including regulators, shareholders, investors, employees, factories, suppliers, raising higher and higher.
Through a wealth of experience and insight, our team helps companies navigate through the challenges over corporate governance and management, we deliver effective and profitable services among:
  • Apply for establishment or alteration registration of companies

  • Draft transaction agreements

  • Negotiation

  • Verify the legitimacy of various commercial documents

  • Provide strategy for company’s management power

  • Participate in shareholders meetings